Our multidisciplinary care team of Washington University physicians, nurses, and other staff members provide care for individuals with TSC.

The Washington University Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at St. Louis Children’s Hospital offers the following services:

  • Initial diagnostic evaluation
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation for TSC, including:
    • history
    • physical exam
    • laboratory testing
    • radiographic studies
  • Follow-up care: Coordinated care for ongoing medical issues, involving multiple medical specialties
  • Inpatient care at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital for urgent/emergent medical issues
  • Scheduled radiographic screening and/or monitoring for TSC-related tumors, according to recommended guidelines
  • Genetic testing and genetic counseling
  • EEG/Video-EEG monitoring for seizure/epilepsy evaluation
  • Treatment of intractable epilepsy and infantile spasms
  • Neuropsychological/behavioral testing
  • Educational and social support related to TSC, in conjunction with the TS Alliance